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The dangers of UV/Sun at the beach

📅 August 16, 2022

⏱️ 1 min read

David Rodriguez

Lifeguard & Fire Fighter

The sun keeps us warm during the day and provides us light from the early morning hour until dawn. The sun sends a lot of energy throughout the day. The energy is sent to the earth through different ways. The light we see, through radiation we feel, and ultraviolet radiation that we can’t see or feel.

The atmosphere does a wonderful job in protecting us from the ultraviolet (UV) rays. Although it may seem like sunlight may be completely damaging, there are positive reasons for sun exposure. Aside from feeling warm and energized, the sun also provides us with vitamin D. Vitamin D may help in boosting your overall health, mood, and even prevents certain types of cancer!

Although the sun is good for you. There are also negative side effects to getting too much sun. By being in the sun too much you may expose yourself to those damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. There are three types of UV rays from the sun. The three types are UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.

UVA rays may cause skin aging and eye damage. They may also lower your body’s ability to fight types of illness. UVB rays can cause sunburns, skin cancer, skin aging, and even lower your body’s ability to fight illness. UVC rays do not reach the Earth’s surface because they are completely absorbed by the atmosphere. Harmful effects from UVC rays are minimal. To help protect yourself from the sun you can use an umbrella, wear a big hat, sunglasses, and even wear sunscreen. These will help protect you from the negative UV rays while you enjoy the beach and still soak in the essential vitamin D.

Swim at your Own Risk

Beaches and oceans are dynamic natural environments.  Crowd conditions, currents, waves, wild animals, and other water and beach conditions can rapidly change. The risks and conditions shown on this site are informational only and not always real-time.  Actual conditions may differ.  Lifeguards are not always on duty or available.  Always remain aware of your surroundings and exercise due care for your own safety and the safety of others around you. 

Always check for water warnings or check with a lifeguard before you swim.

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