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The dangers of sand and getting trapped

📅 June 28, 2022

⏱️ 1 min read

David Rodriguez

Lifeguard & Fire Fighter

We all love playing in the sand at the beach. People build sand castles and dig holes in the sand. While this may be fun to do, it can be extremely dangerous to dig holes too deep. If you dig a hole too deep in the sand you could get stuck in the hole and the sand could fall on you.

  • You can avoid being trapped in the sand by digging holes that only go as deep as your knees.
  • If you get stuck in the sand, stay calm and call for help. Do your best to protect your face, nose, mouth, and eyes. Breathe calmly and try to conserve your energy.
  • If this happens to a friend you should: Call 911, find the nearest lifeguards, and make sure to keep people away from the hole until first responders arrive.
  • If the victim is covered over their head, mark this spot with a toy or another object,
  • Never try to approach a victim trapped in sand above their waist. Moving closer to the victim could move more sand on top of them.
  • Never try to pull a victim from a hole. You may cause more injury.

Swim at your own risk.

The risks and conditions shown on this site are not always real-time and may differ from actual conditions.

Always check in with a lifeguard before you swim.

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