Rip Currents, what they are and how to stay safe

📅 June 28, 2022

⏱️ 1 min read

David Rodriguez

Lifeguard & Fire Fighter

When you are at the beach and going into the water you should always check with a lifeguard to find the safest spot in the water for you. Rip currents are very dangerous and should be avoided when you are at the beach. A rip current is basically water moving quickly from the shore back out to sea.

  • Rip currents are murky, choppy, and sandy parts of water. There may be whitewater, foam, or even seaweed moving in a column out to sea.
  • If you get caught moving out to sea in a rip current: do not panic, swim sideways (parallel) to shore. Do not try and swim straight into shore against the current. You will be able to float and if you have a boogie board or surfboard stay on top.
  • Wave and shout for help if able and a lifeguard will come help you.
  • If you find yourself near a distressed swimmer (from a rip current or otherwise) passing them flotation like a boogie board or surfboard is helpful.
  • Never try to help someone else in distress yourself. The chances of making yourself another victim are high.
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